Meet The Team


Siobhan Carney

Siobhan is a first class journalism graduate, sports fanatic and self-confessed feminist from Buckinghamshire. Occasionally witty and almost always sarcastic, she enjoys writing about anything – from feminism to football. Although she proudly boasts an encyclopaedic knowledge of sport, she draws the line at understanding cricket. A published poet, since graduating from university, Siobhan has worked as a freelance writer and graphic designer, and now works as the editor of Eevee Life. When she isn’t making stuff rhyme or messing around with Photoshop, she can be found writing articles for StudentBeans and The Daisy Cutter.  She’s also quite afraid of cats.
For examples of Siobhan’s work, check out her portfolio


Bob Lethaby


After illicit affairs with Derby, Manchester United and Chelsea, Bob became a true Reading fan in 1985 though he can trace his first game back to the giant killing of the mighty Rotherham United in 1979 in the League Cup. Bob has the envious record of seeing the Royals lose in every play off final they have been involved in as well as lying prostate in shock after the big time promotions of 2006 and 2012. Bob also has his own blog page at which is read by literally tens of fans who log in each day to read his quite frankly hilarious tales of a life in the throbbing metropolis of Basingstoke.



James Willis


Having reached the scientifically-proven peak age of 22, James is looking forward to spending the rest of his life travelling downhill, because it seems like less work. However, every so often James likes to travel in different directions and explore new places as though he’s pioneering the planet. You can follow him on twitter and instagram (both @jwillis50), but not in real life because that’s a bit weird.


 Joanne Lenton


I’m a huge sports fan and absolutely love football. I’m the captain of the Cheltenham Town Development team and I am currently taking my first steps into the world of sports journalism. Other interests include movies, science and archaeology and I ramble on about these subjects and more in my new blog: Follow me on Twitter @pidgeos and @CTLadies


Hannah Staff

han profile


Hannah is a freelance journalist and copywriter, currently hibernating in North London. Her interests include fitness, food, reading and sleeping – not necessarily in that order.

Twitter: @hannahfstaff


Rebecca Sowray


Scarred by early success fitting cartoon feet to yoghurt pots I ran away and worked variously as typist, train-spotter, time-lord, technician and talker. Living the ordinary dream I wear boots to work and get high on radio noise before sharpening my words. Writing about venues and music for Eevee is my fantasy. Tell me something onTwitter @RedStar240 or find my fictions at


 Sam Cranny-Evans

Sam Evans
My name is Sam, I am a qualified personal trainer and I specialise in functional training which helps correct posture, relieve pain and improve your life. I myself am a practising natural bodybuilder, and have a good knowledge base on how to sculpt your ideal physique! I write regular articles on health and fitness, covering nutritional and hormonal concerns as well as training systems and the best methods to use to improve your health and wellness.