10. Hart Of Dixie – Zoe and Wade


The underrated show which tells the story of a fish out of water doctor adapting to life in a southern town and that is something she definitely does by enrolling herself into a love triangle with two the town’s eligible bachelors but it is her romance with Wade that strikes a chord with viewers who have dubbed them ‘Zade’.

9. Prison Break – Michael and Sara


The undeniable chemistry between plotting convict Michael and the prison doctor Sara who eventually fell for each other despite the odds was great viewing for audiences to see their trials and tribulations as the series went on.

8. One Tree Hill – Lucas and Peyton


Their love story is one traumatic ride, from a love triangle to a shooting, these two eventually got there much needed perfect ending by riding off into the sunset.

7. Big Bang Theory – Leonard and Penny


The story of a science geek meeting blonde bombshell shouldn’t work on paper but on screen their love story comes alive and leaves us wanting them on rather then off.

6. Modern Family – Mitch and Cam


Now this show produces many epic couples but the one that stands out has to be Mitch and Cam’s comedic but loving relationship as they navigate through their dysfunctional family while bringing up their daughter.

5. Homeland – Carrie and Brody


You shouldn’t want this relationship to work but the characters are so compelling and the actors have this amazing chemistry that despite the odds these two troubled souls belong together.

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Buffy and Spike


She’s a slayer and he is the vampire with a soft spot for her which is not the best recipe for a happy ever after but forget Angel her heart belonged to Spike.

3. Gossip Girl – Chuck and Blair


Two of the most villainous, plotting,manipulative characters with a hidden vulnerable side could not be more perfect for each other then the king and queen of the upper east side.

2. The O.C – Summer and Seth


They were not meant to be the couple in the spotlight but the union of outsider Seth and popular girl Summer has to be one the ultimate on screen teen couples to grace the television world.

1. Friends – Ross and Rachel


The undisputed champions however has to be the couple that invented the term on – off relationship and so many have tried and failed to capture the magic that was Ross and Rachel’s exciting, romantic, dramatic and damn right funny pairing.