Month: January 2016

Top Feminist Advice

Who run the world? GIRLS! By Keeley Buckley Are you a woman? Are you between the age of eighteen and forty? Are you overly critical of the men that you know? Do you believe all men are guilty, until proven innocent? Do you shun the kitchen? Are you always telling others that you ‘just don’t WANT any kids?’ Do you wear shabby jeans and sweatshirts, but feel the need to explain your appearance as ‘your right to choose?’ Do you support a woman’s right to have an abortion, whilst glossing over why she needs one in the first place?...

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Tips For Home Cooking

Tasty home cooking without breaking the bank.. By Phillip Sutcliffe-Mott When I ask people why they don’t spend more time preparing food, their answer is usually that they don’t have time or enough money. These people are not allowed in my kitchen. The point of spending time on your food is to make life easier and less expensive. Not only does it make you healthier, it forces you to understand your ingredients and to become adept at handling them. Commitment to home cooking turns food preparation from a stressful chore to a relaxing hobby that, conveniently, must be practiced...

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