5 Fashion must-haves…

By Amy Pollard

The summer has arrived (finally) which can only mean one thing – festival season is once again upon us! Eyes from around the world were set on the USA in April as the Coachella festival hit California. Style icons, such as Vanessa Hudgens, were watched closely in order to bring us the best festival fashion and to set the bar for the coming summer season.

With Glastonbury fast approaching, it’s time for the fashion world to turn their heads and focus on the Wellie boots and floral headbands, which seem to have become mandatory to every festival around the world.

Here is a quick glance at five of the best festival looks that we can look forward to seeing around the globe this summer. Follow this simple guide and you will be sure to have all eyes on you.

1. Keep it fringed


It seems that the fashion industry has gone fringe crazy this summer! You can get your hands on anything from fringed bags and accessories all the way through to fringed tops and kimonos. This simple touch adds style to any item of clothing or accessory.

2. Festivals go on Safari


Going to a music festival? You might as well be going on safari. Tribal prints are making a comeback, but they won’t go unnoticed. It seems the more colourful the better this season!

3. The obligatory playsuit


Playsuits are a girls best friend, especially when it comes to festival fashion. They are a simple yet stylish outfit which is easy to slip on after the night before. However, be sure to take a friend with you when you visit the toilets as they can often be a pain to do up and undo by yourself if they have a zip or buttons! You’re welcome.

4. Tattoo crazy


It seems that face paints are taking a back seat this year and have been replaced by fake tattoos, metallic ones in particular. These tattoos are cheap and available in most clothing and beauty shops. They add glitz and glamour to any outfit and are a lovely touch when the sun is shining!

5. The Mac is back!


The rain mac is a well-known festival classic. English weather is always unpredictable so it is always good to have this essential just in case! This year clear macs are all the rage as you can still see your gorgeous festival outfit under your jacket! The rain won’t be able to stop you from wearing exactly what you want this year!