Month: January 2015

Top 10 Best Nirvana Moments

Smells like rock & roll…   By Sophie Brannon More than 20 years have passed since Kurt Cobain’s death and this year will see the release of HBO’s  Montage of Heck – an exclusive documentary on Kurt Cobain’s life, co-produced by his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. To celebrate, here’s a list of Nirvana’s top 10 most rock ‘n’ roll moments. 1. Getting kicked out of their own release party for starting a food fight Nevermind was the album that rocketed Nirvana into stardom, so what better way to celebrate than a release party. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the band...

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Cook Steak Like A Professional

Phillip Sutcliffe-Mott shows you how to perfect your steak game…   1. Score your steak. This prevents curling in the pan and lets the seasoning and marinade really penetrate. On both sides of the steak, drag a sharp knife in diagonal lines across the steak, making scores about ½ inch apart. Repeat this again at 90 degrees to the scores you have already made. You should get a criss-cross pattern on both sides. 2. Marinate your steak. You need something acidic to tenderise the steak and whatever’s tasty to complement its natural flavour. I like to brown 2 garlic cloves...

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Shambolic Selections

Daniel Steele analyses the 2014 Team of the Year…   Controversy-laden once again, the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala never fails to deliver questionable selections, bizarre moments and several meaningless awards. Cristiano Ronaldo once again claimed the FIFA Ballon d’Or for world footballer of the year in 2014, although he will still not be unanimously recognised as the greatest player in the world. The Portugal captain claimed 37.66% of the vote, being enough to earn him the award, but not enough to even receive a majority decision. It is hard to take seriously an award in which a higher percentage of...

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Social media:The Art of Bragging

Who isn’t guilty of a bit of humblebrag?   By Keeley Buckley Is it boasting or just confidence when we announce events in our lives? Whatever it is, there is something about it that people don’t like isn’t there? It’s odd because we all like to show off if we have something to be proud of, and quite rightly so. But people just don’t like it. In this digital age, there isn’t many of us who don’t have an online profile displaying something we have achieved. They can be used to display a mountain of information. We even sometimes bend the truth...

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My Mum Has Alzheimer’s

What happens if your parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease? By Hadiza Saidu-Bala    How do you cope with a parent suffering from an illness that is Alien to you? An illness that you hardly understand? An illness that turns your loved one into a stranger? This is my mother the woman that I love dearly and looked up to. An active woman in the society who helped thousands of people in her community. A retired civil servant, who became a widow at the young age of 29 and was left to raise 6 children single-handedly after the death of my father....

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