Month: November 2014

Save The Books

Phillip Sutcliffe-Mott explores the work of a charity aimed at giving old books a new home…   Books For Free looks like any other second-hand bookshop: walls of shelving surround neat table displays while a polite till clerk smiles in the corner. The difference, as the name suggests, is that everything is free. Shoppers can walk out laden with books for a nominal donation, and it’s catching on. Over 200 volunteers work for the project 3-5 days a week as I write this, and this climbs to 250 come summertime. Most join after visiting a BFF branch or hearing...

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5 Reasons We Love H.U.T.H

Homes Under The Hammer: It’s daytime TV gold…   By Alison Hylton If you’re lucky enough to be at home at 10am on a weekday, you are probably watching Homes under the Hammer.  H.U.T.H has not only become one of the nation’s favourite mid-morning treats, but it’s also helped create many ‘armchair’ property developers.  Here are five reasons why we love H.U.T.H (even if we don’t want to admit it.)  1. The Presenters Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts light up any dilapidated home with their infectious (and somewhat annoying) personalities.  Both have an innate ability to make a ‘Chicken hutch’ seem like a ‘Palace’....

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10 Hottest Celebrity Mums

Whoa mama!   By Neha Shetye They make men go weak at the knees and turn the gals green with envy. Even prancing around town with their little ones, they continue to turn heads. Check out our run down of the the hottest celebrity mommies of all time… Victoria Beckham This ex Spice Girl recently turned 40. No, we aren’t kidding! The oh-so gorgeous singer tied the knot with ace footballer David Beckham in 1999, and the couple have three sons and a daughter. Despite taking some stick for her petite figure, Posh is still one fit mommy. Sarah Jessica Parker She was, is and will continue to be one...

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10 Celebrity Odd Jobs

Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living….   By Neha Shetye Today we know them as our beloved stars. Soaked in the glory of their stardom, these celebs have been under the spotlight for years now. But have you ever wondered what they must have been like and where they must have worked before they hit the big time? Here’s a run down of 10 celebrities and the jobs they had before they were famous… Nicole Kidman The Oscar-winning Australian actress was a former massage therapist. Yes, in an attempt to support her cancer stricken mother, Kidman...

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Rumble In The Jungle

I’m a Celeb returns on Sunday! To celebrate, we’ve ranked past winners to find out who’s really King (or Queen) of the jungle…   By Karl Bainbridge It’s mid-November, which of course means it’s time for another batch of desperate Z-listers to face the wrath of the Australian Outback in this year’s I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here. IAC may not be one of my favourite reality shows, but it still provides good entertainment, as well as it’s fair share of camp-mates for me to get my teeth into. In honour of the new series, I’ve ranked the 13 previous winners I’m A Celebrity:...

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