Month: October 2014

Top 5 Underrated TV Shows

Let the binge watching begin!   By Juggy Sohul For every smash hit show in the television world, there is always a programme that gets lost amongst the new influx of the more publicised shows. These types of shows usually gain  a steady niche following and tend to outlast their once highly rated competitors. Here I count down the top 5 American TV shows that deserve more appreciation: 1. Hart Of Dixie The light hearted Southern show that tells the story of a fish out of water New Yorker who settles down as a doctor in the quirky town...

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Are We All Faking It?

David Fincher’s Gone Girl prompts Valentina Lorenzon to ask some intriguing questions about the nature of relationships…   WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Are we all faking it? This is the question I couldn’t stop asking myself after watching ‘Gone girl’. The movie, directed by David Fincher, is based on the thriller novel by American writer Gillian Flynn. On the day of their anniversary, Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, returns home to what looks like the scene of an abduction and realises that his wife Amy (Rosemunde Pike) is missing. The investigation soon uncovers evidence of a troubled marriage. Nick...

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Angelina: She’s Not Just Some Dame

The Queen of Hollywood meets the Queen of England…   By Jason Acres Hollywood’s power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, commonly known in households worldwide as “Brad and Angelina” have always brought a sense of traditional glamour to an industry filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll. However, earlier this week, this royal couple came face to face with genuine royalty as Hollywood’s first lady (Jolie) was awarded an honorary Damehood for her services to the UK foreign policy and ongoing campaign to end war zone sexual violence. The Oscar winning couple were invited to a private Buckingham...

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Baywatch is Back

It’s back!   By Jason Acres Movie fans, let me ask you one question…do you often stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light?

Those of you that recognise that little caption will know exactly what I am leading up to here. For those of you that don’t, let me spell things out. In the early 90s there was an extremely popular TV show that featured the likes of David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleath. Spending each episode frolicking on a sandy beach, the stars wore next to nothing and carried big orange floatation devices (although, to...

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Raheem’s Only Human

From Gazza and his ‘dentist chair’, to John Terry’s penchant for his team mates’ wives: the England camp has never been too far from controversy. Unless you’ve been living in cave, you’ll already know that the latest drama revolves around a supposedly private conversation between teenage winger, Raheem Sterling and England manager, Roy Hodgson. So was Roy right to reveal that Sterling told him he was too tired to start for England against Estonia? Gerard Walton gives us his view… As far as international breaks go, it’s fair to say that the ‘lesser’ home nations grabbed the limelight this time around. Wales and Northern Ireland top their...

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