Winter has passed and summer is nearly here, it’s a perfect time for men to take a special lady out for an unforgettable night. Yet like so many of us, sports stars also struggle when it comes to the first date, Eevee’s Dan Pritchard explores the failed attempts athletes have made when trying to create a romantic evening…

With summer just on the horizon many people will be eager to have their own summer romances, hoping to take their partner on the perfect date. Picnics in the park or a walk on the beach, summer is a brilliant opportunity to show your special someone how much they truly mean to you. However a bad date can be just as poignant and it’s apparent that these sports stars missed the memo on what to do. So please for the sake of your relationship do not try this at home.
Adnan Janujaz
Easily the most high profile in the UK and one of the more recent first date stories to hit the media spotlight is the story of Adnan Janujaz. The Manchester United starlet, who is only 19, was mercilessly destroyed by the UK papers after it was revealed that he took his date to Nando’s, one of England’s finer dining establishments. Now some of you out there may be thinking fair play to the lad, but not only did young Adnan choose to just dine at the budget chicken venue, but he was apparently looking rather dapper, when he rocked up in a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms. Needless to say his date was not impressed and as she sold her story to all the papers it became clear that foolish Janujaz would not be getting a second date.
eevee Janujaz
Andy Enfield
The Florida gold coast coach is a lucky man, only a handful of men actually get the opportunity to date a Victoria Secrets super-model. But that’s exactly what basketball coach Andy Enfield got to do, and what’s his secret tip on how to impress such a woman? Maybe a candle lit dinner? Watching a movie under the stars? No, none of those it’s Taco Bell! Yes that’s right gentlemen, Taco Bell. I find it hard to believe myself, but that’s exactly what Enfield did when he took Amanda Marcum out before a basketball game.
“I got her a nice burrito, and we sat behind the bench,” “I figured if she still likes me after Taco Bell and a basketball game . . .”
Eevee andy enfield
Mario Balotelli
Everybody knows the antics of Mario Balotelli, and whether they are really true or not the point remains, that when the 23 year old, originally from Palermo, is around you can expect “something” to happen. This apparent wild streak within Mario has also been known to carry on into his dating life, as back in February 2013 Mario first asked Tabby Brown out on a date. After denying Mario a fair few times Tabby finally cracked and accepted the date offer. However the start of their first date wasn’t the same as what most would expect from a Premier League footballer, as when Brown entered Balotelli’s house she was greeted by Mario and friends sat around play Nintendo Wii. If that wasn’t appealing enough to a woman, Mario then ignored her and continued to play with his mates until he was ready to go. On the other hand Balotelli did then proceed to take her out on a more socially acceptable date and it clearly worked as they went on to be together, but it’s safe to say that from the perspective of an outsider, that the start of the date could have gone a lot better.
Eevee balotelli crying