Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Mean Girls – which kind of makes us all feel just a little bit old. In celebration of our favourite girlie flick, Eevee’s Kate Haddigan presents the movie’s top 10 life lessons. Check it out, it’s going to be SO fetch!

Who can believe that Mean Girls is 10 years old this week!? A deceptively savvy movie from Tina Fey, the seemingly girlie chick flick is adored by men, women and everybody in between. It taught us that some people have big hair because it’s full of secrets. It taught us to never wear our hair in a ponytail more than two days in a row. It taught us that the only acceptable response to being ditched by your friends in Boo, you whore!
Here are the top 10 very best and most important lessons from Mean Girls

10. Butter is not a carb


9. Check the dress code


As much as Cady’s Bride of Frankenstein costume was kind of rad, when every other girl is wearing lingerie and bunny ears, maybe you should re-think the veil. Or not, who wants to look like such a good slut anyway?

8. You can be a nerdy Math-lete and still be a bad ass MC, just like Kevin Gnapoor


Variety is the spice of life and having a number of strings to your bow can only ever be a good thing.

7. Nobody is perfect, not even Regina George


She has man shoulders and her pores are huge. But she’s still the most popular girl in school. So stop obsessing and enjoy life, right?

6. Fetch is not going to happen


5. It’s never a good idea to dumb yourself down for a guy


Cady’s grades dropped when she played the fool to impress Aaron Samuel, but it didn’t help her get the guy. The right man will be won over by your smarts, so stop twiddling your hair and do some equations.

4. Whilst there were some hilarious insults slung in Mean Girls, keep them under your hat to use in jest with your best friends


Don’t ACTUALLY be mean. As Cady realised “Calling somebody fat won’t make you any skinnier.  Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter.” So be nice, and just focus on bettering yourself, rather than chatting ill of others.

3. Never let your friends make you feel inferior


Just like Brutus and Caesar, you’re equals, just as smart and pretty as each other. So before you resort to stabbing Caesar, chat through any bad feelings and never let somebody talk down to you.

2. Taco Bell makes everything better


1. Don’t over do the fragrance


Nobody wants to smell like a baby prostitute.