With summer fast approaching, Eevee’s Erin Hushon stopped by to give us some of her fab fashion tips and explain how to get the festival style that matches you…

Colour Risk


For me personally, I love the use of colour. Colour isn’t just used in the basics, but in the accessories – such as bracelets, hats, necklaces and your favourite summer shades. Festivals allow for you to mix ‘n’ match different colours and patterns that you probably wouldn’t risk on a day-to-day basis, so why not experiment?

Go White


You may think that this is a huge mistake when you will be in a muddy field with drinks thrown all over you, but white makes any outfit brighter and ready for summer. How easy is it to compile a summer outfit with a white item, most jewellery will match and whatever colours you decide will be perfectly in-sync.

Flower Power


The sun is out and the flowers are growing all over the place. Flower print is always popular throughout festival season. The most likely is the headband, which is already coming into high street stores such as River Island and Topshop. However, why not try a patterned shirt or even shoes instead. You may start a new trend!



You can’t go wrong with a pair of denim cut-offs. Why not cut up your old jeans so that they can fray at the bottom, or even add fabric to the pockets or studs. Get creative to stand out.

Sun Protection


I don’t mean actually covering yourself in factor 50! Warmer weather is the perfect excuse to have a collection of sunglasses in all different colours and shapes. It is also an excuse to wear that hat you have been dying to wear since winter but couldn’t because of the rain. Unfortunately, this may not apply to British festivals. After all,  just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s not going to rain every single day.