In celebration of Nike’s latest World cup commercial, Dan Pritchard guides you through some of the best Word Cup adverts of the last 20 years…

With its star studded line up (including Neymar, Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney) Nike’s latest Word Cup advert will only fuel the excitement that’s building about this year’s world cup. But what about other memorable world cup ads? We thought we’d scroll through the darkest parts of the internet and bring you the best world cup adverts of the last 20 years.

Dare to be Brazilian – 2014 – Nike


One of the first adverts off the production line for Brazil this year is the “Dare to be Brazilian from Nike, which opens with the Brazilian national team in a huddle before a match. From there we are presented with an array of clips  – including  Thiago Silva as an unbelievably gifted mobster One of the best adverts in the build up so far.

History of the Celebration – 2010 – Coca-Cola


Celebrating a goal can be nothing short of an art (as many a FIFA player will understand). In this advert from the South African world cup, coca cola took it upon themselves to remind  us of some of the most memorable celebrations ever witnessed. From a suave samba by the corner flag to a team bobsled, this advert has it all.

Old Lions – 2006 – Carlsberg


“What if Carlsberg did…” was their promotional slogan for years, but what if Carlsberg did world cup adverts? Well you get this brilliant advert featuring classic English football players on an everyday Sunday league pitch for one day only. This is a simple advert filled with laughs and jokes between old friends and enemies. A classic that’ll get you reminiscing.

The Secret Tournament – 2002 – Nike


The Combination of Korea, Boats and Nike is one that can strike fear into anyone. But rather than a fashionable nuclear war, we are instead presented with a notorious advert that will undoubtedly stick in the minds of the people who have watched it. As a fresh faced Eric Cantona introduces a tournament between the best players in the world , including Francesco Totti and Ruud Van Nistlerooy, you know you’re already in for a treat. An  eye catching piece of advertising

Airport 98 – 1998 – Nike


After a lot of deliberation, the Brazilians were soon taken off the no fly list but it’s not a surprise to see that they were on it after this advert from 1998. Airports across the world have learnt a very valuable lesson and the mistake won’t be made again. With a delay on their flight, and a football to hand, it was easy to see where this was going to go. However the chaos that ensues is not. With footballs and Brazilians bouncing off everything, this advert, which is seemingly well ahead of its time, will keep you entertained.