cliffdivingsmall-2Bored with super organised holidays? Wish you could loosen up a little? Charlotte Maxwell explains how you can plan your perfect getaway without losing your spontaneity…

Some of us are uber, spontaneous bunnies who like to go crazy every weekend, and then there are those of us (including me) aren’t so adventurous. We’re a little more reserved in terms of venturing into the unknown and often can’t cope without a list or two…hundred.
So when it comes to trips away, we’re usually thinking ‘I must plan this trip 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks, 5 days and 17 hours from now’. Okay, so that was an extreme example – but, y’all know where I’m going with this.  Road trip, plane trip or boat trip? You can still have some control over this decision without planning too much. For example, if you’re someone who gets sea sick, don’t go on a spontaneous boat trip. In that case the only spontaneous occurrence will be the infrequent timings of your vomiting.
Here are a couple of tips for some potentially spontaneous trips…with a wee bit of organising.

1. Plan time to be spontaneous in


I know this sounds ridiculous, but if you consider your lack of spontaneity- this is probably the best you can pull out of the bag right now. So schedule spontaneity for…let’s say 17th August 2014. Do it! Do it now!

2.  Don’t do Paris


Everyone does Paris and you’re already a wee bit sheepish, so don’t make it any worse

3. Pull out a map


Not a tube map, unless you’re extremely rigid. Close your eyes and point – that is your destination. This is non-negotiable guys.

4. Take a backpack rather than a suitcase

You’ll be able to carry less stuff and hence you will not be able to carry all the things you ‘might need’

5. Develop a wild mentality for 5 minutes


Whether it’s from watching the Wild Thornberrys or Where the Wild Things Are,  you need to get wild upstairs (in your brain and not the upper level of your house).

6. During this ‘wild’ episode, book tickets

Admission Tickets

Whether they’re for a plane or a megabus,  make sure they’re last minute.

7. If this is a weekend venture, scrap number 4 and just grab your day bag and go

Catching the train

No questions, no quibbles – just get your behind in gear and onto/into some form of transport.

8. Download Instagram and take spontaneous selfies and snaps of your entire trip


Forget the standard must-see sites, Instagram that over-flowing dustbin or that 6′ 4 barman you’ve been eyeing up.

9. Do not book a return ticket

Close up of UK train ticket on top of banknotes 2008. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

That would be far too planned and it would kill your spontaneous vibe. You might even consider returning spontaneously or not returning at all (okay, that may be a bit too much for you at this stage).

10. Stop reading this list


This list is rigid – a way for me to be spontaneous on paper, but pretty inactive in terms of wandering off into the wilderness. Get yourself out there and if you need to be highly ‘un-spontaneous’ on your return, comment on and adjust my list.
Happy spontaneity!
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