Eevee’s fashion guru, Erin Hushon discusses Lily Cole, and explains why the model is her style icon…

Whilst growing up as red haired freckly girl, I struggled through primary school with bullying regarding my looks. I didn’t like being different and felt that there wasn’t an inspiring woman out there who had similar features.
However, when Lily Cole rose to fame with her quirky porcelain skin and red hair, I – and many other people – started to believe that ‘different’ is beautiful. Her style is effortless, and in her day-to-day and photo shoots there is nearly always a focus on her natural beauty and fiery locks.


Lily has been able to succeed in both modelling and acting, gaining her first vogue cover at the age of 16 and being cast in St.Trinians – a role no one expected her to get. She is not just an inspiration for her fashion links, but also for her charity work and efforts to raise awareness for environmental issues.

With appearances in many comic relief music videos and sketches – as well as auctioning off a body cast – Lily is the face of the Body Shop campaigns which promotes natural ingredients. Cole has even launched an app, Impossible, that encourages people to do things for others for free. The site ‘encourages a culture of giving and receiving’ with boundaries being set to make sure this point isn’t undermined.
She has proven that she is not just a pretty face, and that she is using her fame and success to help others. Lily Cole is my personal inspiration but why not think about yours? Who do you think is inspirational and has influenced part of your life?