Looking for some online fitness inspiration? Eevee’s Jay Akbar gives you his guide to the top 5 YouTube fitness channels…


1. Bro Science Life


The gym, like a classroom or an office, comes with a certain set of rules. You wouldn’t smash your keyboard on the floor in celebration after writing a really great memo (unless you’re CEO of the company) and the free weights section is no different. From selfie etiquette to hitting on girls at the gym, Dom “the Brofessor” Mazzetti will be your over enthusiastic guide down the rabbit swole.

This is for you if: You want some post-workout laughs.

2. Steve Cook


Steve Cook hails from Boise, Idaho, the Venice Beach of natural physique athletes. These are the guys who model supplements in mainstream men’s fitness magazines and Mr. Cook is arguably the greatest on the planet. If you see aesthetics as a bonus to achieving supreme strength and fitness then Steve’s functional, sports-motivated approach (originating from his days as an aspiring American Footballer) is for you.

This is for you if: You’re serious about going shirtless on the beach this summer.

3. CT Fletcher Motivation


It’s rumoured that CT Fletcher, an extreme power-lifter turned motivational juggernaut, was grown in a lab from the DNA in Ronnie Coleman’s bicep. This is not for the half-arsers. If you watch one of CT’s pep talks and drop a few sets, you will feel like you’ve disappointed the man personally. If it’s raining outside, if you’re not feeling 100%, even if you’ve broken every bone in your body,he will make you feel like you can “crack pavements”.

This is for you if: You’re thinking about skipping the gym.

4. Flavia del Monte


Weight lifting gives girls huge biceps and an Adam’s Apple, right? Wrong. You’re so wrong, you’re just wrong. At worst, weight lifting will improve your posture, give your body firmness and add bone density (it’s a good thing). You’re more likely to end up looking like Jen Selter or Jessica Ennis than Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the testosterone-dripping, sexually-confused world of the free weights section can be a daunting place to venture. Luckily, Flavia del Monte offers a 101 approach to women’s fitness and disproves the myth that women’s bodies are made up solely of legs, bums and runs.

This is for you if: You’ve ever spent 5 minutes on abs, 5 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minutes on the treadmill then wandered aimlessly near the weights before deciding otherwise and heading home.

5. Buff Dudes Healthy Recipes


What are you craving today? Waffles? Chicken Nuggets? How about a big cheese pizza? Unfortunately, nutrition is a vital part of getting fit regardless of your goals. Fortunately, the embarrassingly self-titled Buff Dudes have come up with a huge array of healthy recipes for your favourite guilty pleasures.

This is for you if: You love food too much to resort to a boring diet.