If, like us, you’ve picked 2014 as your year to get in shape, you’ll probably already know that it’s fairly difficult to transform yourself from ‘chronic couch potato’ to  ‘gung-ho gym bunny’. But whilst it’s fine to experiment with your fitness regime, chances are, you’d probably draw the line at being chased through a field by a horde of zombies, or doing complicated yoga poses in the nip. Hannah Staff takes a look at some of 2014’s most WTF fitness trends…

1. Naked yoga

Image for Jasper's web site
If it wasn’t awkward enough already, those liberal yogis have gone and taken their clothes off in search of a new level of freedom and flexibility. Let’s just hope downward facing dog is reserved for the back row only.

2. Fierce Tribal


Originating from a South African tribal dance, Virgin Active’s new fitness class encourages participants to ‘release your alter ego and get back in touch with your inner Fierce’. Personally I’m not sure if I ever had much fierceness in the first place but I’m sure a session of swinging, stamping, kicking, jumping and twisting will provide all the distress needed to release some hidden aggression.

3. Kranking


Someones legs must have got tired with Spinning as this new form of rotational exercise is dedicated entirely to upper body strength. Admittedly most of the embarrassment you will experience from Kranking will arise from informing friends/colleagues you’re “going for a Krank” but still, the arm-pedaling motion is sure to feel a little odd and look more than a little funny.

4. Shake weights


Not so dissimilar from Kranking in the shame-stakes, a shake weight is an oscillating dumbbell designed to help shape and tone users arms. Although originally created for women only, mens’ interest in the pumping motion has resulted in a male version too – allowing everyone to get a hold of the action.

5. Zombie Run


Imagine you’re in the middle of a field wearing fancy dress and being chased by adults pretending to be Zombies. Ok it does actually sound a little fun but on behalf of those less excited by the idea of a muddy 5k run, the prospect of ‘awesome Zombie slayer’ official status and inevitable ‘team bonding’ work trips is even more painful than the race: ‘The sound of smashing glass reaches your ears, your neighbour screams, an air raid siren drones ominously in the distance… Z Day has arrived.’