Getting in a tizz over what to buy your partner this Valentine’s Day? Rhian Dixon is here with some romantic gift ideas and explains why – in the end – it’s really just the thought that counts…

Valentine’s Day is a day or two away. Even though you should show your spouse that you love them every day, some people enjoy making that extra special effort on February 14th.
While some have concocted amazing plans for their other halves, others might have decided to buy a bouquet of roses and leave it at that.
For those of you who want to go that extra mile for your loved ones, here’s some other, maybe more surprising ideas on how to make Feb 14th extra special.

 Yankee Candles

YC Swirl_Sweetest Valentine

Nothing beats a good old fashion Yankee candle. The fragrances they have on sale for Valentine’s Day include Black Cherry, Pink Hibiscus and of course, Sweetest Valentine. Prices start from around £6 and increase depending on the size of the product.


Large Jar candle – £19.99, Medium Jar candle – £16.99, Small Jar Candle – £8.39, Tealights – £6.75

Yankee also provides products for your home as well as your car. So if your spouse is house proud, why not buy them some signature reeds which contain fragrances such as True Rose, Vanilla Lime and Sage & Citrus.
Another company that produces gift worthy candles is onestopcandleshop.co.uk. Visit their website for unique candle ideas. They also, like any shop and the moment, have a section dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Products include the ‘Romantic Basket’ which contains; 1 bath bomb, 1 bath potion salts rack, 1 slice of rose heart essential oil soap, 2 standard dinner candles with holder, 1 red 15 hour pillar candle, 2 red tea lights, 2 red floating heart candles, 1 votive with holder and a silk rose. The basket comes gift wrapped with ribbons, roses and silk bows, and will set you back just £12.99. It’s the perfect way to create a romantic setting.



One of the cheesiest moves you can pull this Valentine’s is to create a romantic mood for your partner in the bathroom. Douse the water with rose petals, place candles everywhere and enjoy getting comfy together in the tub. If you want to add something extra special then I suggest that you purchase a bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics. Not only do these soaps smell like heaven, but they will also make the bath water look amazing. In honour of February 14th they have two box sets called ‘Lots of Love’ and ‘Neon Love’.



Lingerie: The gift for her and for you! The best place to get a gift like this is Ann Summers or Agent Provocateur. Whilst they undoubtedly have some very classy pieces, it might be a good idea to first find out where your spouse buys her undergarments. Nothing is more likely to kill the mood than accidentally buying your partner underwear that is too big or – even worse – too small.

Agent Provocateur – £110.

Agent Provocateur has 4 categories: the vixen, the performer, the seductress, the romantic, so you can even buy lingerie to suits your partners personality.



They’re not kidding when they say ‘The best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach’. Us girls might deny it, but I don’t think any of us would say no to free food – and besides, what is more romantic than chocolate? A well-known aphrodisiac, chocolate is a great way of setting the mood. But where’s the best place to buy some sweets for your sweet? Well, why not try Hotel Chocolat, it goes out of its way to satisfy your sweet tooth during Feb the 14th.
Why not treat your partner to ‘Love me Do Passion Fruit Truffles’ which are £3.85
Or make her feel really special with ‘The Pink Collection’ which contains sparkling pink rose, pink Champagne truffles and some Eton Mess Slab. All of which comes to only £27.00.


Personally, I would go for the 250ml Cocoa Gin. Why? It’s gin with cocoa in it. Not something you would usually get on Valentine’s Day. The Cocoa Gin is also a bargain and comes in at £16.00
cocoa-gin-250ml (2)
I hope we’ve given you some fresh ideas on what to buy your loved ones this Friday. Remember, what makes Valentine’s Day important is how you spend it. Forget expensive gifts, buying your partner something thoughtful can often be the key. If your partner likes to read, get them some books, if they like travelling, take them somewhere romantic, if they like pizza, bake them a heart shaped pizza from scratch! Remember, when it comes to February the 14th, it’s definitely the thought that counts!