Rob Wood reviews the ‘Best Indian restaurant in Cheshire’.

I’m favourably disposed towards Indian restaurants but even with that bias The Purple Pakora was a cut above the rest.
The décor is strange but brilliant, with one wall given over to frantically bubbling (but thankfully empty) aquariums. Lit red they give the restaurant the impression of being the place the nightclub vampires from Blade might go for a meal. Not that I blame them: if Wesley Snipes was coming to kill me I’d be happy with a final meal at the Purple Pakora.
In fact the LED softened darkness combines with candlelit tables to do a good job of creating a sense of privacy around each table, despite relatively close quarters (not Nandos close, but more that than the small plots you get at a different-sets-of-cutlery restaurant.) The space at the table could have been better, but wasn’t an outright problem. Six of us were seated at a table more suited to four, but it only became inconvenient when we were foolish enough to buy three giant naans. The bread sails segmented the group, adding an element of reward to the meal: eat enough naan and you won access to a friend.
The staff were friendly, from the waiting staff to the near identical women working the bar. If you enjoy a game of ‘are they twins, do you think?’ I can recommend nowhere better, and if you don’t then just accept our 4/2 decision that they were. Even on a busy night the waiting staff were easy to grab hold of, and didn’t engage in the irritating habit of popping up to ask if everything was okay every time I took a mouthful of food.
Service was great and out of six people only one side order got lost in the mix, and it was quickly provided with apologies. Even that was under the pressure of a full restaurant and a group big enough to mimic the last supper ordering at the same time as us.
We ordered a variety of meals and were all more than satisfied. My tandoori mixed grill was regarded with envy by those who hadn’t yet discovered it is the best meal you can get anywhere. Even for an objectively perfect meal it was a good tandoori mixed grill.
That’s the nub of it really: the Purple Pakora is a small Indian restaurant, you’re not going to The Fat Duck, but it’s a really good one. Their website boasts that they are ‘the best Indian Restaurant in Cheshire’ and I’d say they’re easily right, and might even want to expand their borders a fair way. The menu is varied and relatively creative (I may forever be haunted by not finding out what a Helicopter Naan is) and they’ve got their own car park next door although sensible diners will call to arrange a space in advance.
They’ve also got custom made ‘Purple Pakora’ candle holders, which are both endearing and indicative of the extra mile they’ve gone in creating an enjoyable and satisfying dining experience.
Overall Rating 4/5
Décor 5/5
Friendly Atmosphere 4/5
Parking 4/5
Service 4/5
Staff Courtesy 5/5