Are your good intentions on the wane? Have all your New Year’s heath resolutions gone to pot? Not to worry, shifting those extra Christmas pounds doesn’t have to be a chore. Forget the gym or the expensive health club fees, Eevee’s Buppha Witt tells you all about how to fight the bulge without feeling the burn…

There are many ways you can lose weight without going to the gym. Not only are fitness clubs expensive but – half the time – you just sign up and then make excuses not to go. “I don’t have time/I have to do something/it’s raining” – and so on. It’s amazing how many excuses people can come up with just to avoid going to the gym. Often, the easiest way to lose weight is to do your own form of exercise at home – ideally without using the word exercise (it just sounds so scary). So, how exactly do you exercise without actually exercising? Here’s 9 techniques to drop the pounds without ever really feeling the burn…

1. Leave The Lift


Do you live above ground level? You do? Then make the most of it! If you happen to have an elevator in your building, why not avoid using it for a few weeks. Walking up and down the stairs several times a day helps tone your legs AND tighten your stomach. You might even get a six-pack out of it!

2. Avoid using the car


If you live not too far from your working place, why not try ditching your motor and walking instead? If that’s not an option (we know that some of you have to commute) why not try running weekend errands without your car? Need some milk? Walk to your local shop instead of driving. You’ll save money on petrol because the only fuel you’ll be burning is calories!

3. Always eat dinner before 8pm


This allows your body ample time to digest your food before bedtime.

4. Eat lots of vegetables and fewer carbohydrates


To accomplish this, simply divide your plate into specific food sections; vegetables take up half the space, whilst meat/fish/poultry and carbohydrates each take up a quarter.

5. Drink a glass of water before eating


It’s a well-known fact that our brains often get confused between hunger and thirst. This means that whilst you  THINK you’re hungry, that might not always be the case. Next time you feel like snacking, why not try drinking a glass of water instead.

6. Go for a walk after your meal


Forget exercise, walking after meals is a great way to help you digest your food.

7. Get a dog

Couples walking with dog

Okay, so we’re definitely not advocating taking on something as time consuming as an animal just so you can lose a few pounds. Getting a dog is a huge commitment and the decision should always be subject to factors such as your lifestyle and how much spare time you have. However, if you did decide to ‘give a dog a home’ one of the many benefits – aside from never-ending devotion – is the constant calories you’ll burn from taking your new pal out for a walk. That should certainly give anyone paws for thought…

8. Eat six small meals a day


Most of us are used to eating three large meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with tradition – new evidence shows that consuming lots of smaller meals is actually far more beneficial for people trying to lose weight. Aside from the fact that you’re unlikely to feel hungry between meals, eating more often is a great way to help speed up your metabolism. Speaking of metabolism…

8. Drink green tea


Recent studies have shown that drinking a cup of green tea with your breakfast can actually speed up your metabolism by 4%.

9. Replace candy, cake and chocolate with fruit


It sounds obvious, but something as simple as replacing your mid-morning biscuits with an apple could actually help you shed some serious pounds.