Dream dwellings and awesome architecture: here’s 17 houses you kind of wish you owned…

Everyone has fantasized about their ‘ideal home’.  
But for a few lucky souls, (usually those with the right bank balance) that dream can actually become a reality. Of course, whilst the majority will simply build the traditional ‘sprawling mansion’, for others, building their dream dwelling provides an opportunity to get a little bit creative. Here’s our picks for the 17 coolest houses on the planet… 

1. Boulder Home, Mexico

Boulder home mexico

2. Enchanted Forest, Canada

Enchanted Forest Canada

3. Clock Tower, Brooklyn

Clock tower Brooklyn

4. The ‘UP’ House, Utah

Up House Utah

5. The Flintstones House, California

Flintstones Houses California

6. The Piano House, China

Piano House China

7. Hobbit House, Wales

Hobbit House Wales

8. Upside Down House, Russia

upside down house russia

9. Crocodile House, The Ivory Coast

Croc house Ivory Coast

10. Solar ‘Sundial’ Home, France

Heliodome solar home France

11.  Converted School Bus, USA

school Bus home

12. Underground Cottage, Switzerland

Swiss Mountain Underground House

13. Compact Pod Home, Tokyo

Modern home Tokyo

14. Shoe House, USA


15. Cave House, Italy

Cave House Italy

16. Personalised Water-park House, Nevada

water park colorado

17. Box House, Brazil