Eevee’s gallant globetrotter, James Willis is back with another edition of his fascinating Wanderlust series. This week’s topic? Eight reasons you NEED to travel the world…

Going on a global adventure is one of the greatest experiences someone could have in their life. In fact, I’m still shocked when I hear someone say that they’re not interested in travelling. Still, if my evident enthusiasm isn’t enough to convince you to book a trip, here are 8 reasons you should go and explore the world for yourself.

1. Because this is your planet


Earth is here for you all to explore. It may seem corny, but this planet is your little rock in the middle of a ridiculously vast universe – in the same way that you explore your town because it’s your little place in the UK. You live on this planet so it’s only natural to want to go and explore and learn about it. In fact, speaking of learning about it…

2. Because no documentaries will teach you as much as experiencing things first hand


I can’t tell you to stop sitting on the couch watching the newest David Attenborough show. In fact, that’s already way better than sitting on the couch watching Big Brother. However, no matter what you pick up from these travel documentaries, you’ll never learn as much as if you go and see it for yourself. The experience of travelling is so much more valuable than anything you can learn about the world at home. Seeing things first hand allows you to develop your own opinions and experiences. There’s a famous quote in the Hobbit that goes something like: “The world is not in your maps and books. It’s out there.”

3. Because it develops your independence without you even realising


You may think you’re a particularly independent person, but travelling requires a whole NEW level of independence. It’s not difficult to cope with though because when you throw yourself into travelling, it all just kind of happens without you even noticing. It’s like living away from home – except in this case you also have to contend with an unfamiliar culture, language, climate and customs.

4. Because of the amazing people you’ll meet


If you’re social you can meet some amazing people, but if you travel you’ll meet people that are even more amazing. It takes a very special set of circumstances to cause a group of people who have only known each other for a week to become lifelong friends – but that’s what travelling does. Travelling is meeting people from all over the world and creating memories together.

5. Because of the things you’ll see


This one should really go without saying. You may see pictures of New York skyscrapers, or documentaries about the Amazon rainforest, but until you go travelling to see things first hand you’ll never get to appreciate them fully. When travelling you’ll discover sights that are so unique, special and spectacular that it will actually be more difficult not to have an epiphany.

6. Because of the emotions you’ll feel


It’s expected that a long backpacking trip will leave you physically tired, but the best trips also leave you mentally and emotionally tired. It’s not just the overwhelming sights and once in a lifetime moments that you’ll experience, but making new friends and leaving them all again when you move to your next destination can really take its toll too. Then again, that’s the fun of travelling.

7. Because of the stories you’ll be able to tell


Soon after returning from travelling most people will be sick of your stories. This is just because you’ll have countless stories to tell and, frankly, no one can listen to that many. I’ve got stories of Rastafarians singing power ballads in a karaoke bar in the middle of nowhere, of racing and beating the Thai army down a river on rafts, of getting lost in middle of an Australian national park with no maps, but I can’t tell them all to anyone because there’s just too much to say.

8. Because you’ll never forget it for the rest of your life


I can promise that if you go travelling with the right attitude, you will never forget it. There are a lot of overused words used in today’s language to exaggerate things, but for once it won’t be over the top to refer to your trip as ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ or ‘unbelievable’. For better or for worse, you won’t forget your global adventure.