It takes a certain amount of skill to LOOK like an angel but ACT like a dick. Luckily, these kids have ‘totes nailed it’. Siobhan Carney explains why – despite their undeniable cuteness – most kids are really just jerks…

Kids are essentially tiny humans who, from a distance, appear quite sweet and cuddly.
Looks however, can often be deceiving.
What’s that? You don’t believe us? Well not to worry, we’ve put together some solid proof that – far from being the angel faced cherubs you think they are – children are basically just a bunch of tiny, inarticulate jerks!
And as everyone knows, there are few things in life quite as funny as a bunch of kids acting like complete assholes…

1. This kid – who wants his cat to join him at bath time…

 cat in bath 800x600

2. He’ll cycle where he wants, cycle where he wants…


3. Blackmailing the babysitter


4. F@*k you Grandma!


5. Mascot 1 – Gerrard 0

stevie g

6. Yeah, f@*k you too kid!


7. The news troll…


8. This entire primary school class who, for some naive reason, were trusted to pick a name for an emu at their local zoo…


9. This kid…


10. And ALL of these kids…


11. This kid who ruins all the birthdays…

kid candle

12. Merry Christmas chubbsy!