Rebecca Glover celebrates the sound of the new from some young old souls.

The record begins with a distinct voice, tones reminiscent from the 60s, full of soul, passion and rasp. In the background, the boys play guitars, omitting jangly chords, enhancing the unmistakeable indie feel to the record. This band could easily be mistaken for bigger bands such as The Arctic Monkeys or even further back to the much wider scale of greatness of The Beach Boys, yet it is the sound  of a local four piece group, from Urmston, named The Quangos that this record belongs.
The lads in action….
Born and raised in Urmston, the 23 year olds, Josh Goddard(singer & songwriter), Drew Palmer (bass), Philip Nixon (guitar & song writer) and Scott Parkinson (drummer) all share a love of 60s music ,which shines through in their own work . In Josh’s own words, “My inspiration comes from people like Ray Charles, Otis Redding and Spencer Davis group (Stevie Winwood) in the 60s”.
I used to go to high school with Josh and even then he would be found sat playing his guitar in the common room and writing lyrics for new songs. He’s come a long way since then and it’s great to see ordinary down to earth lads with a lot of talent and ambition getting somewhere.
The Quangos have been growing with momentum with every passing year. The group are bringing back the old school feel of a band, back to the day when bands REALLY were bands and when good music prevailed. With their guitars blazing, great lyrics, mop top hair and vintage style dress sense, it is clear that the group are destined for stardom.
Bands seems to be extremely commercialised and moulded into generic line in the current times, therefore  it is so nice to see an outfit bringing back music and style that is unique and important to them. There is a gap in the market for The Quangos, intertwining the past with the present to re create an unorthodox, but special kind of genre.
It seems that the band aren’t only growing to great heights in their music career, but also within the fashion world, with fashion labels such as Pretty Green and Jack Wills snapping up the boys for their campaigns and advertisements.
Jack Wills Video Campaign….
The lads are beginning to attract celebs to their fan page too with the likes of Noel Fielding, Miles Kane and even Dizee Rascall flooding to their sell out gigs.
So, if you’re sick of same old drabble blaring from your ipod, check these guys out for truly great music, which you’ll have on repeat!
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