hot vestry

Music connoisseur, Rebecca Sowray reviews the latest offering from Macclesfield’s Indie-Pop group, Hot Vestry.

Usually, if I’m writing a music review, I listen to the tracks and write an outline at least – if not the whole thing. So there’s a real satisfaction in finding this impossible with an EP titled “Tell Me How It’s Done”.
Why? For starters, here’s a developing sound that defies convention. It doesn’t fit into the indie rock or pop thing at all. To follow up, here’s a band from a small town registering early in their careers on the Manchester and national scene, with supports to New Order and Tim Burgess amongst others. Finally it’s music that demands a response; it moves both the ear and the mind.
“Tell Me How It’s Done” is explosive, percussive and involving. It’s something of a departure from earlier, maybe more lyrical, Hot Vestry tracks, but remains deeply non-conformist.
hot vestry 3“Varnish” opens with serious stepped rhythm and an ace glissando synth move, followed by more neat, distinct motion through the layers of the track. That considered movement is fast, furious; near punk in its overall impression, with a clever and distinct voice line.
There’s a sense of something dark waiting in the place defined by the track “Where All Ends Meet”. Lyrics lead you through a sense of foreboding that builds in the drama of a more guitar dominated blend.
A very visual thing happens with “Colours of the Waterfall”, nicely conveyed falling and the moving vision of brightness in the tune. It pulls together to rack up the tension before returning to the colour of the guitar lines.A watery theme binds the next two tracks “Dead Ocean” with its darkly brooding sea and “Lake Of The Moon” which heaps on the emotion and tales of hurt.
“Commiserations” draws the style ideas of the EP together. The vocal style here shifts a little, owing more than a measure or two to the band’s earlier track Dust, and adds appeal to this as a conclusion. There’s a well worked sense of answer and refrain within the instrumental voices that draw to a sharp ending.
As a band they’ve gigged hard over the summer and have still more dates planned for the autumn. I was lucky to catch them when they opened for New Order at Jodrell Bank and they’ve a genuine presence on stage.
The EP is available as a vinyl replica CD via Shedhead Records
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